GS-277 嫁が留守中の家に嫁の妹と二人っきり!なのに僕を全く警戒する様子もなくパンチラしまくり、ノーブラで乳首もピンピン!目のやり場に困ってテレビをつけると、入れっぱだったエロDVDが流れてしまい気まずい雰囲気…。

GS-277 The Wife Is Away From The House While The Wife Is Away!However, She Does Not Seem To Be Vigilant At All, And She Rolls Underwear, No Nipples With No Bra And Pinpins!When You Turn On The TV In Trouble At The Point Of Sight, The Erotic DVD Which Has Been Inserted Flows And It Is Awkward Atmosphere ….

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