GS-260 本屋で立ち読みする制服姿の女子○生の短いスカートにソソられ思わずパンチラ盗撮。でも真剣で気がつかないからガッツリ覗き込んでいると…何と!その子が万引き!!思わず「あっ」と声が出てしまうと目が合った!お互いにヤバイ状況のまま、周りにバレないよう本屋痴漢!

GS-260 It Is Sooo To The Short Skirt Of The Girl ○ Student Of The Uniform Figure Who Browses At A Bookstore, And Is Pantyhose Voyeur.But I’m Serious And I Don’t Notice It And I’m Looking Into It.The Girl Is Shoplifting! !I Met My Eye When I Heard A Voice Saying “Ah”!A Bookstore Pervert So As Not To Barre Around, Leaving Each Other In A Dangerous Situation!

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