GS-246 学校も卒業間近!ボクのことをいつも気にはかけてくれるが男として意識してくれないクラスのソソる女子。けどもう限界!思い切って気持ちを打ち明けてみると…ことごとくフラれました!だけど諦めきれず強引にキスをねじこむと…女子の体は超敏感に反応!?

GS-246 School Is Nearing Graduation Too!A Girl Who Is Sorry For Class Who Always Takes Care Of Me But Who Does Not Conscious As A Man.But It’s Already The Limit!When I Dared To Reveal My Feelings … Everything Was Flushed!However, If You Can Not Completely Give Up And Screw Up The Kiss Suddenly … The Girl’s Body Reacts Very Sensitively! What?

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